About me


Welcome to The Canvas Nomad, your one-stop shop for affordable, one-of-a-kind canvas art that captures the essence of wanderlust and the beauty of the world. My name is Chris, and I'm the creator behind this venture.

Chris Jack at the Jay-Z Exhibit in Brooklyn Public Library

Who Am I?

I'm not your typical professional photographer; in fact, I never even considered photography as a career. I'm just a guy from Staten Island, NY, with roots in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who loves capturing landscapes, architecture, and the essence of life. I got bitten by the travel bug during the pandemic, and now, I aim to make travel a full-time gig.

Why Canvas Art?

Growing up, my home was adorned with random artwork, and my family members were avid painters. I've always wanted to display my photos, and canvas art seemed like the perfect medium. Why let Instagram have all the fun, right?

Costa Azul in El Salvador

The Story Behind 'The Canvas Nomad'

The name encapsulates my journey. From the Caribbean to North America, and most recently, to Latin America, I've been a nomad at heart. My store allows me to blog my experiences and offer you more than just a thumbnail—you can own a piece of my journey.

What Inspires My Art?

Landscapes are my muse, especially sunsets and sunrises. They're the world's natural canvas, and I'm just here to capture their beauty.

Why These Countries?

I've been to 15 countries, but my store features five. Why? Because that's when I started taking photos seriously. These countries hold a special place in my heart and my art.

My Creative Process

I'm a spontaneous artist. I snap photos all day and review them later. The ones that capture my heart get cartoonized. Simple as that.

Quality Assurance

I ensure each image is of the highest quality before it goes to my third-party manufacturers who handle the rest. You're not just buying a print; you're investing in quality.

What Do I Want to Achieve?

My ultimate goal is to make travel a lifestyle. I want to explore the world, one canvas at a time. And yes, that includes setting foot on all seven continents—Antarctica, I'm looking at you.

Contact Me

For business inquiries, please reach out via email. You can find my email and social media handles in the footer below.