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Ephemeral Bliss: A Canvas Tribute to a Moment in El Salvador (Gallery Canvas Wraps)

Ephemeral Bliss: A Canvas Tribute to a Moment in El Salvador (Gallery Canvas Wraps)

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Imagine a canvas that doesn't just hang on your wall but transports you to a different realm altogether. "Ephemeral Bliss" does just that. It's a semi-realistic portrayal of a woman lying on a sandbar, surrounded by the endless blue ocean. Her silhouette is the epitome of peace, her hair flowing freely in the ocean breeze. The sky above her is a canvas in itself, painted with hues of clear blue and dotted with wispy clouds. This isn't just art; it's a slice of a moment, frozen in time, offering a sanctuary of serenity whenever you need it.


Taken on Dec 29th, 2021


Product Features:

  • Material: Crafted on 100% cotton fabric canvas, ensuring that the moment's purity is captured on a worthy medium.
  • Frame: Built with a poplar wood frame available in either a walnut or black finish, designed to be as enduring as the moment it captures.
  • Quality: Exceptional image quality and detail, making every brushstroke and color come alive.
  • Note: Strictly for indoor use, because some treasures are too precious to expose to the elements.
  7" x 5" 18″ x 12″ 24″ x 16″ 30″ x 20″ 36″ x 24″ 48″ x 32″
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Frame width, in 8.25 19.25 25.25 31.25 37.25 49.25
Frame height, in 6.25 13.25 17.25 21.25 25.25 33.25
Frame depth, in 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75


Fun Fact: Sandbars are often considered "nature's gift" to surfers and swimmers, providing a shallow area in what is often deep water. They're like life's little timeouts, offering a brief respite in the midst of depths unknown.

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